Diesel vs electric -
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Does your jobsite have an electric power supply? Then an electric compressor can reduce your operating costs significantly. Take the test and in only 5 steps you'll find out how much you will save.

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What size compressor would you like to compare?

5-12 bar (72-175 psi)
5.4 - 3.7 m3/min
(191 - 131 cfm)

E-Air H185 VSD vs
XAS 88

5-12 bar (72-175 psi)
6.6 - 5 m3/min
(233 - 178 cfm)

E-Air H250 VSD vs
XATS 138, Stage V

5-13 bar (72-190 psi)
13.2 - 9.7 m3/min
(466 - 360 cfm)

E-Air H450 VSD vs
XAVS 188-14, Stage V

5-14 bar (72-200 psi)
36.4 - 22.5 m3/min
(1286 - 795 cfm)

E-Air V1100 vs
XAVS 448, Stage V

What's your compressor's usage profile?

Average fleet lifetime
?Your compressor will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. In this tool we’ll calculate your operational costs, including service costs. That service cost is depended on the compressor’s age. Experience learns that 5 years seems to be the average fleet lifetime for most of our customers.
Running hours
?How many hours is your compressor working, on average, over the course of a year? This determines the fuel consumption and service costs.
If you already own a compressor with a digital controller, you may be able to look this up in your on-board diagnostics. First-time buyer? Then we can give you some default values: if your machine runs 8 hours a day, 5 days per week, that adds up to approximately 2000 hours. In the case of full-continuous duty, working hours can mount up to 8000 hours per year.
Typical load
?Is your compressor always working full throttle? We notice that customers often use our equipment for smaller jobs than the compressor can handle and for only part of the time. A typical load profile for a construction site compressor is 75%, so that’s why we set that value as default.

What's your energy cost?

?The cost of energy is the biggest cost of compressed air. Energy prices differ from one market to the next and even from one day to the next. We encourage you to look up today’s electricity price for your location for a more accurate result.

Not sure?

Check the European electrical price statistics
?The running costs of your diesel compressor will heavily depend on the cost of diesel. We encourage you to look up today’s diesel prices with the link below. You can consult the energy consumption of all our equipment in the machine documentation, such as “product reference sheets” or instruction manuals. Contact your local Atlas Copco representative for more information.

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Check the European diesel price statistics
DEF (AdBlue)
?AdBlue® is a “diesel exhaust fluid”, part of the diesel after-treatment system that reduces the nitrous oxide emissions from the engine. Such an after-treatment system is inevitable in larger diesel engines, in order to comply with Europe’s emission regulations. The two smallest diesel compressors in this calculator, the XAS 88 and XATS 138, comply with those regulations without the need for Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Obviously, this will be reflected in the calculations. To ensure a more accurate result of your total operational costs, we advise to look up today’s AdBlue rates via the link below.

Not sure?

Check the European diesel price statistics

Does your diesel compressor bring any additional costs?

Service cost?Yearly service costs include spare parts and consumables (oil, filter cartridges…) but also service engineers’ working hours. Our default cost is based on an average European hourly labor rate, and the standard market prices of service kits with consumables and spare parts, all measured up to the compressor’s age and running hours. Of course, there are costs you can exclude from the figure: extra repair jobs, staff training and other unforeseen costs are not part of this calculation.

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Every year, your savings will be

Operational cost

Liter diesel per year

Service hours

E-Air V488
Energy costs Service costs
H244 Diesel
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